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KAP  Accounting Services Ltd is an Accountancy firm based in the heart of  East London Business Community. The idea of establishing KAP Accountancy  is the fact that many owners of small and medium businesses have no  knowledge of keeping proper accounting records and as a result could  lead to the collapse of the business. Due to the accounting illiteracy  of some owners of small and medium businesses, KAP Accountancy prides  itself as an expert in providing accounting services to small and medium  businesses.

KAP  Accountancy has over 10 years experience and expertise resulting KAP  Accountancy to consider itself as one of the leading accountancy Company in East London. KAP Accountancy has a very cordial relationship with  its clients. KAP Accountancy gets its new clients by word of mouth upon  the relationship, affordable prices and good reputation KAP Accountancy  has maintained with its existing clients.

Even  though KAP Accountancy is based in East London, new clients can be  accepted all over London.  We are confident to help you solve all your  accounting needs. KAP Accountancy has a capacity of providing practical  accounting training to Individuals learners and corporate bodies to  acquire necessary skills and expertise that is required by employers.

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At  KAP Accountancy every single client has an account manager who is  responsible for the type of account or service KAP has been assigned to  undertake. KAP Accounting Services Ltd is a reliable, honest,  trustworthy Accountancy firm that can assist to reduce tax bill legally  for its clients.

All  our accountants are proud of providing good professionalism and also  making sure every job is done to meet the deadline. Our services are  provided at very affordable prices.